A Recipe For Disaster - Compilation Music


The first Big Egg Records compilation.

A mega comp of 25 bands that are associated with, or friends of the label.


Animal Shithouse, Attestor, Be Fair, Blame It On The Dog, BoxCat, Cae Dy Geg, The Cereal Killers, Chesty Malone And The Slice 'Em Ups, Deathtraps, Disassemble, Dropping Like Flies, F.Emasculata, Making Friends, Mark Murphy And The Meds, Modern Shakes, No Murder No Moustache, On A Hiding To Nothing, Rash Decision, Redlight Rebels, Silent Like A Bomb, Sniff, Stay Voiceless, Tenia, The Woodsman, Wayfairer.

Available on CD and Digital Download. All CD's also come with a digital copy.

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